More about the platform

Speiz's platform allows you to handle all tasks and processes that are necessary in a rental process from one place. Market data and insights give you the opportunity to compare your rental conditions with the market.

Relevant information about your portfolios, buildings, vacancies and expiry dates means that you can start new letting processes or easily renegotiate lease agreements for all your space directly from the platform.

Marketing in your preferred channels, inquiries and smart qualification of stakeholders are handled with a few clicks. With 3D views, you reduce the number of unsuitable stakeholders.

Smart technology streamlines the time you spend on displays and communication in every process. Digital documents and interaction in the agreement process simplify your work with each lease agreement, both for new and existing tenants.

Simple registration of building and spaces

Our platform handles the job of collecting and sending the necessary information about property and land so that you avoid the problem of using several systems at the same time.

Dashboard and market insights

Get a full overview of vacancies, expiry dates and rent levels, and compare with the market. This makes it easy to achieve optimal earnings in your portfolio.

Marketing and leads

Use the marketing channels you want and handle all stakeholders in one place. This makes it easier to find the right tenant.

3D Viewing

Save time when you need to find tenants for your space. With our 3D view, you can show stakeholders the entire area and let them measure distances before you decide to spend time on a physical viewing

Smart contracts and digital signing

Once you have agreed on the terms of your lease, the contract will be sent to you for review. You then simply accept and sign, and a copy is sent back to you.


With Speiz's platform, you get early information about potential tenants and can easily book them for a viewing. Several inquiries already led to signed leases! An exciting player we will continue to use.
Shobeir Razavinik
We are very satisfied with the service Speiz provides.
Janne Herstad
Head of sales
Speiz helped us find a good tenant. Quick and easy!
Trine Blankholm
Real estate manager

Why Speiz?

Save time

Our platform reduces the time spent on both letting and renegotiation, so that you handle more processes than before.

Reduce cost

Speiz platform is up to 80% cheaper than market alternatives

Optimised Occupancy

Expiration dates and automatic processes ensure that you reduce vacancy in your buildings.

Find your next tenant

Speiz's database of tenants gives you a completely new way of finding tenants. In addition to the way you've always done it.

First of its kind

Speiz has developed a completely digital platform for renting commercial space. By gathering all tasks and processes in one place, our technology gives you the opportunity to find the next tenant in an easier and cheaper way than ever before. With Speiz, you handle all leasing work in one place.

  • 500+ tenant searches in the tenants database
  • More than 10,000m2 rented through the platform
  • 2+ new tenants search per day

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use Speiz?
Speiz is up to 80% cheaper than traditional alternatives on the market. The price for our service varies with the number of areas and square meters that are rented out. The price for the service has a monthly and a "per area" element. Get in touch to find your price.
How can the price be up to 80% lower than alternatives on the market?
Speiz has developed technology that saves considerable time in the rental process, both for our customers and for our internal processes. This technology enables us to offer services and tools for the rental process that are significantly cheaper than other services in the market.
What is the difference between Speiz and a CRE broker?
Speiz is not a CRE broker. We deliver a digital tool that commercial real estate owners can use in the leasing process to save time and cost. From our platform, with a few clicks you can use all the services and carry out all the processes necessary to find tenants. Our goal is to improve and streamline all the necessary steps in a leasing process; from an overview of your facilities and expiry dates, marketing in multiple channels, tenants qualification (KYC) and communication with stakeholders to entering into agreements with tenants.
What is the difference between Speiz and an advertising platform?
Speiz is not an advertising platform. Marketing and advertising on various advertising platforms is one of the functions of our rental tool. With Speiz, you can choose which channels you want to advertise in, and then the platform takes care of all the necessary work. Of course, you have full control over what is included in the advertising - our tool only removes the time you spend on advertising, questions and answers, and the necessary qualification of stakeholders.
How do I get in touch with interested parties if Speiz handles the marketing?
All stakeholders who meet your preselected criteria appear in a structured stakeholder list for the area in question. Here you get access to all the necessary company information, finances and requirements description for each individual stakeholder. From here you can easily contact the stakeholders you want.

Stakeholders who do not fit an area can easily be contacted through another function if you have other areas that are relevant.
Does Speiz handle viewing with stakeholders?
You decide which parts Speiz will handle in whole or in part in your rental process. Speiz offers 3D display of area, so you can show stakeholders the entire area and let them measure distances without attending a physical display.

You can easily send an invitation to a regular viewing integrated with your calendar. Stakeholders receive a calendar invitation, directions and reminders so that you avoid interested parties who do not show up for viewing.
Who prepares the lease?
You can choose to upload your own contract or use the standard contract for letting business premises.

Speiz does not prepare a contract, but our tool ensures that information in the contract is filled in based on your agreement with the tenant. This is how you save time in the contract process.
What do I do if I have questions along the way?
You can contact us via the page, the website or the platform with feedback or questions.

If it is urgent, you can try to reach us at:
Telephone: 40895107

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